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use your body

The past few weeks have been nothing short of an utter and complete whirlwind. Here’s what’s happened, shorthand. pack everything, finish job, check out of apartment, move into Eric’s parent’s basement (yes), go to Vegas for Miss USA 2012 competition, Eric finishes last day of teaching, return from Vegas, move to lakes for the summer … Continue reading


A very windy picnic

Friday, May 18th, 2012 was a lovely day. And beautiful day for a picnic. They are one of my favorite warm weather activities. This picnic was a simple one. Wraps, carrot sticks, kettle chips, and a tasty dessert of individual banana cream pies. A recipe my new bff, Pinterest, suggested…Prepared in mason jars, our pies … Continue reading


Get up, get out

I often need motivation to get my sneakers out on the pavement and running. I found this photo on Pinterest, and it couldn’t be more true. Now, this statement runs through my mind not just when I am anticipating working out, but whenever I start to excuse my procrastinations. Replace “busier,” with any adjective you use and “running,” with the thing you’re … Continue reading